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Indonesia Elections 2024: How the ‘Jokowi effect’ has influenced the electoral landscape

He has also continued with his trademark impromptu on-the-ground visits, also known as “blusukan”, across Indonesia during the election campaign period.

The president has travelled to Central Java at least three times in the past month to distribute fertiliser, rice and cash assistance, raising questions about his claim of neutrality.

“Blusukan is one of Jokowi’s most effective ways of maintaining his close relationship with the voters. Through blusukan, he can distribute social assistance and so forth,” said Mr Djayadi Hanan, executive director of the Indonesian Survey Institute.

“One of the reasons why the public is so approving of Jokowi’s performance is because the government – through the president – is perceived to be always providing social assistance to the public.” 

Mr Jokowi has said he will go back to his hometown of Surakarta, also known as Solo, in Central Java after he steps down and live as an ordinary citizen.

However, observers said Mr Jokowi and his family will continue to wield tremendous influence. They believe Mr Jokowi will continue to play a significant role in shaping politics in Indonesia even after leaving office.

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